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    Application deadlines: January 30, 2020 for master’s studies with financial aid; April 15, 2020 for self-financing master’s candidates who require a study visa; August 14, 2020 for self-financing master’s candidates who do not require a study visa

    Фотогалерея / #we_are_ceu

    MA in Nationalism Studies / 1 year / 2 years

    Providing a thorough theoretical and methodological grounding, our program will help you develop a critical understanding of nationalism, as well as hands-on, transferable skills. Our extensive curriculum is continually evolving to reflect new realities. With the rise of populist politics in Europe and North America, for instance, we launched a new course, ‘Populism, Neonationalism and Deglobalization’ to delve into the latest manifestations of national populism. You will also have the chance to investigate problems of nationalism in the context of economic and political transition in post-1989 Eastern and Southeastern Europe, with a comparative outlook on regime transitions across the globe.

    Our program comes in two formats. The one-year degree is designed for candidates with a four-year bachelor’s degree, while the two-year version is primarily for graduates with a three-year bachelor’s degree.

    What you will study

    • The global challenge of migration 
    • Populism and right-wing politics
    • The sociology and social psychology of ethnic prejudice
    • Transnational citizenship and diasporas
    • Nationalist politics and democracy
    • Anthropological approaches to race and ethnicity
    • Religious nationalism
    • Self-determination and international minority protection
    • Jews and Roma in comparative perspective
    • Nationalism in Southeastern Europe

    What you can specialize in

    • Jewish studies
    • Religious studies

    Требования программы

    • Completed online application form: www.ceu.edu/apply
    • Proof of English proficiency
    • Letters of recommendation
    • CV
    • Four-year bachelor’s degree for the one-year MA program
    • Three-year bachelor’s degree for the two-year MA program
    • Research proposal
    • Writing sample

    Fund your studies

    In pursuit of our mission, we strive to attract world-class graduate talent from all over the world. This is why we offer generous scholarships available to students from any country. In 2018-2019, 82% of CEU students received financial aid, ranging from tuition awards to scholarships with stipends and housing. Learn more about how to fund your studies at www.ceu.edu/financialaid.

    Study in Vienna

    Apply now and be among the first to study at our new campus in Vienna! Did you know that the Austrian capital has been ranked as the world's “most livable city” for ten years in a row? Find out more about CEU in Vienna at www.ceu.edu/vienna.

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