Университет Калабрии
  • Всего студентов: 40000
  • Иностранных: 800
  • Преподавателей: 900
  • Способы обучения: 72 Дневная
  • Язык обучения: английский, итальянский
  • Тел.:
  • +3909844911
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The University of Calabria offers scholarships to foreign students who have a Bachelor degree or with an academic record considered equivalent by the Faculty for them to be enrolled in Second-Level Degree courses. The University of Calabria has 14 Departments and offers 80 degree courses.

This University is one of the few residential university campuses in Italy and one of the largest. Management and services, which include accommodation and leisure facilities for students, are provided by the Centro Residenziale. The residential area includes the Sports Centre, the Health Centre and the Centre for Fine Arts, Music and Performing Arts. Moreover, there is a Post office, a Bank, the Language Centre and several other interdepartmental centers.

The University Library is one of the largest and unique libraries in Southern Italy. It offers a wide range of materials in three different sectors: the scientific, the humanistic and the social-economic sectors. Besides, its attractive interior provides students with pleasant and comfortable study areas.

University of Calabria is composed of 14 Departments offering a total of 80 Degree Courses provided at both levels, Bachelor and Master; 10 PhD Schools; 22 Post Graduate Masters.
The Campus includes 127 Research Labs and 210 Classrooms.
University of Calabria offers 3 Master’s Degree courses entirely in English: Computer Science, Finance and Insurance and Computer Engineering for the Internet of Things and 2 Master’s Degree courses partially in English: Modern Philology (Italian Studies curriculum) and Management Engineering.

The academic departments strongly focus their attention on research, which is carried out at both national and international level. Besides, they offer postgraduate programs in several fields of studies, thus offering opportunities of academic development for younger generations.

Research is often financially supported by organizations which are external to the university. Indeed, the University of Calabria provides scientific support for many projects in the Region of Calabria. These projects are often developed in collaboration with other prestigious institutions. As a matter of fact, the University of Calabria is making great efforts to promote the development of the region both at national and international level.

This innovative academic environment is proving to be a successful and ever growing reality in Southern Italy and the Mediterranean area which has been attested to by a recent CENSIS survey. Indeed, the University of Calabria has been ranked in the first places among the big universities.

  • Department of Business and Legal Sciences

  • Department of Political and Social Sciences

  • Department of Humanities

  • Department of Computer Engineering, Modeling, Electronics and Systems

  • Department of Biology, Ecology and Earth Sciences

  • Department of Economics, Statistics and Finance "Giovanni Anania"

  • Department of Engineering For The Environment, and The Territory and Chemical Engineering

  • Department of Chemistry and Chemical Technologies

  • Department of Civil Engineering

  • Department of Mathematics and Computer Science

  • Department of Languages and Educational Sciences

  • Department of Mechanical, Energy and Management Engineering

  • Department of Physics

  • Department of Pharmacy and Health and Nutrition Sciences

The University of Calabria (Università della Calabria, UNICAL) is a state-run university in Italy. Located in Arcavacata, a hamlet of Rende in the Province of Cosenza, the university was founded in 1972. Among its founders there were Beniamino Andreatta, Giorgio Gagliani, Pietro Bucci and Paolo Sylos Labini. 

Admission general information 

The University of Calabria announces a public selection, based on qualifications only, for early admission of NON-EU students to 1st Cycle Degree Courses (Three years’ Bachelor Degrees), 2nd Cycle One-Tier Degree Courses (Five years’ Master’s Degrees) and 2nd Cycle Degree Courses (Two Years’ Master’s Degrees). 

University of Calabria awards 138 scholarships to foreign students enrolled in a Master’s Degree (2nd Cycle Degree) for a.y. (3 scholarships for each Master’s Degree and 6 for each Master’s Degree in English). These grants consist of free services of accommodation and canteen (two meals per day) in the University’s Campus and an amount of money to winning applicants who meet specific income requirements.

For all International students an intensive course (80 hours) of Italian language and culture is offered before the beginning of each semester (starting from September).

To participate in the new Call, click on the colored buttons at the bottom of the page - Deadline April. 

English language support is provided within several courses, thanks to English tutors, exams in English, final papers or dissertations written in English, etc.

1nd Cycle University Degree:

  • Classification: 1st cycle university degree 
  • Access: holding an Italian school leaving qualification, or a comparable foreign one. 
  • Admission: generally free; in some cases entrance tests are required, depending on the availability of places. 
  • Workload: 180 ECTS credits Length: 3 years full time 
  • Degree: Laurea; (in English: 1st (cycle) degree). It is the Italian bachelor-level degree of the Bologna Declaration. 

University of Calabria is a non-profit public higher education institution located in the rural setting of the small town of Arcavacata di Rende, Calabria. Officially accredited and/or recognized by the Ministero dell'Istruzione, dell'Università e della Ricerca, Italia (Ministry of Education, Universities and Research, Italy), Università della Calabria (UNICAL) is a large coeducational higher education institution. Università della Calabria (UNICAL) offers courses and programs leading to officially recognized higher education degrees such as bachelor degrees in several areas of study. International students are welcome to apply for enrollment.

Italian Course 

The Italian language intensive course should begin in September. It will be free of charge.

Largest Italian Campus

he University of Calabria is the largest Italian campus. Due to the specific residential nature, established by the founding law, it also performs functions in the field of the right to study.

The University plans, in relation to its resources, the number of students to enroll and subordinates enrollment to the years following the first to verify the results achieved.

Teachers, students and technical-administrative staff enjoy the services offered by the Residential Center, which manages the accommodations (3000 beds), the four canteens (1 million meals a year provided) and the sports facilities (football fields, soccer, tennis, basketball, gyms), located in different points of the university area.

The services provided by the Residential Center are not totally free. The fee paid by the students is commensurate with the economic conditions of the respective families.

The University of Calabria pays particular attention to students with disabilities. There is also a counseling and orientation service for students who encounter difficulties during their studies.

The teaching, scientific and research activity of the University of Calabria, which has collaborative relationships with numerous universities all over the world, involves 14 departments, which are headed by 80 three-year degree courses, specialist degrees, single-cycle and masterful.

The Arcavacata Campus has 170 classrooms and 13 departmental centers. It also boasts the largest library system in the South (500 thousand volumes, 900 workstations and 300 telematic accesses). In the University there are also a 500-seat Auditorium, two cinema rooms, each of 250 seats, a Health Center, a Post Office, a Kindergarten which houses about one hundred children, three common service centers, a Museum of natural history, a Botanical Garden, a University Language Center, an Arts, Music and Entertainment Center, which organizes concerts, film reviews, theatrical performances and exhibitions.

The University of Calabria can be reached in four different ways, depending on the means of transport.
By car , taking the A3 Salerno-Reggio Calabria motorway, Cosenza Nord exit, and following the signs for the University.


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