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  • Язык обучения: английский, итальянский
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The Polytechnic University of Turin (Italian: Politecnico di Torino) is a public university based in Turin, Italy. Established in 1859, it is Italy’s oldest technical university. The university offers several courses in the fields of Engineering, Architecture and Industrial Design.

The Polytechnic University of Turin has been awarded the title "European University" by the European Commission. Together with 6 other European technical universities, the Polytechnic University of Turin has formed the alliance UNITE! (University Network for Innovation, Technology and Engineering). The aim of the project is to create a trans-European campus, to introduce trans-European curricula, to promote scientific cooperation between the members and to strengthen knowledge transfer between the countries. The alliance includes the Technische Universität Darmstadt, Aalto University, the KTH Royal Institute of Technology, the Polytechnic University of Turin, the Polytechnic University of Catalonia and the University of Lisbon. Politecnico di Torino has agreement with Turin Polytechnic University in Tashkent Uzbekistan. There Politecnico di Torino prepare students in the field of Mechanical Engineering, Mechatronics (only Master of Science But the course was closed in 2015), Computer science and Civil engineering.

The main courses offered are architecture, architectural engineering, industrial design, aerospace engineering, automotive engineering, biomedical engineering,  chemical engineering, civil engineering, computer engineering, electrical engineering, electronic engineering, environmental engineering, energy engineering, engineering physics, material engineering, mechanical engineering, mechatronics, mining engineering, nuclear engineering, nanotechnology, production engineering, petroleum engineering, telecommunications engineering and textile engineering.

  • College of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

  • College of Mechanical, Aerospace, Automotive and Manufacturing Engineering

  • College of Architecture

  • College of Biomedical Engineering

  • College of Chemical and Materials Engineering

  • College of Computer Engineering, Cinema and Mechatronics

  • College of Civil Engineering

  • College of Electronics, Telecommunications and Physics Engineering

  • College of Building Engineering

  • College of Design

  • College of Electrical Engineering

  • College of Electronic, Telecommunications and Physics Engineering (ETF)

  • College of Energy Engineering

  • College of Management Engineering

  • College of Territory & Environment Engineering

  • College of Planning and Design

  • College of Chemical Engineering and Materials

  • College of Mathematical Engineering

The Regio Politecnico di Torino (Royal Turin Polytechnic) was founded as institution in 1906, but its origins go back further. It was preceded by the Scuola di Applicazione per gli Ingegneri (Technical School for Engineers) founded in 1859 after the Casati Act, and by the Museo Industriale Italiano (Italian Industry Museum) founded in 1862 under the aegis of the Italian Ministry of Agriculture, Trade and Industry. The first one, born in the University context, showed the way of research and higher education to technical studies. The second one addressed more directly to the situation of a country that was about to begin a new industrial era. Famous scholars and researchers, authorities in different subjects with characters to match, gave a decree to new subjects such as Electrotechnics and Building Science. They were the first to have a vision of founding a school which dealt with the needs of people and society.

In 1859 Valentino Castle (Castello del Valentino) was given to the Technical School for Engineers, nowadays Politecnico di Torino, which owns the Castle. Following the model of the most famous European Polytechnic Schools, at the beginning of the 20th Century the Regio Politecnico di Torino moved in different directions. It began to contact both the European scientific world and the local and national industries. Aeronautics was born and in the new laboratories, from Chemistry to Architecture, young people, who came to Turin from all over Italy, were building their professional future in a lively and creative atmosphere.

In November 1958 the big complex in Corso Duca degli Abruzzi was opened and it expanded thanks to the enlargement of the Cittadella Politecnica, a campus where classrooms, laboratories, education, research, and services to the town coexist.

The Politecnico di Torino, which in 2009 celebrated its 150th academic year from its foundation, has become over the years an international school, where traditions and future, past and modernity are all interlinked.

If you are an International student and or an Italian with a foreign study qualification, and you wish to study at the Politecnico di Torino, you can do it according to your intentions, to your home Country and to your study curriculum.
Before starting your enrolment at the Politecnico di Torino you should choose the most suitable programme according to your needs.

Admission requirements

Students with a foreign qualification to access Bachelor of Science courses you need:

  •  High school diploma got after at least 12 years of schooling
  • High school diploma got after 11 years of schooling + having passed ALL of the exams scheduled in the first academic year at home university
  • High school diploma got after 10 years of schooling + having passed ALL of the exams scheduled in the first two academic years at home university
  • High school diploma got after 10 or 11 years of schooling + a higher degree obtained in a post-secondary professional institution in a subject relevant to the selected bachelor or having passed one or two preparatory years (Foundation course) to fill the gap. Politecnico di Torino will decide about the eligibility of the Foundation year(s)
  • For candidates with a U.S. high school diploma: certificate stating that the candidate has passed 3 Advanced Placement courses (APs), as specified in the related Annex of each specific Call for Admission
  • For candidates with a U.K. high school diploma (GCSE): certificate stating that the candidate has 3 A-levels, as specified in the related Annex of each specific  Call for Admission
  • For candidates with a Scottish high school diploma: certificate stating that the candidate has three Advanced Highers, or, alternatively, 2 Advanced Highers + at least 4 Highers, as specified in the related Annex of each specific  Call for Admissionpl
  • International Baccalaureate(IB) with the following requirements:
    • at least 24 points in 6 subjects, 12 of which must be obtained at "Higher Level";
    • passing the 3 main subjects: Theory of Knowledge (TOK), Creativity, Action, Service (CAS) and Extended Essay (EE).

For Countries where an Admission test to university is compulsory, it is necessary to attach a certificate attesting that the exam was passed (for ex: Concurso Vestibular, Gao Kao - minimum score 400 for Marco Polo students, Pruebas de Selectividad, Veveosi Prosvasis, ecc).

Language requirements

Starting from a.y. exemption from the certification listed below will be valid ONLY for candidates owning a non-Italian qualification recognized by the Italian Ministry of Education and Research as equivalent to the Italian high school diploma (diploma di maturità), or a higher qualification awarded by a higher education institution in which the medium of instruction is  English, exclusively if based in: USA, UK, Canada, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand. 


The Pre-enrolment procedure applies to all Non-EU applicants living outside Italy and leads to the issuing of the study visa type-D necessary for the enrolment. If you fall under this category, please be reminded that, along with your application to Politecnico di Torino, you MUST also submit the pre-enrolment application to the Italian Embassy/Consulate in your home country.

How to apply 

  • check admission requirements
  • register  online on the website of the Uiversity. It may take you approximately 20 minutes to complete the application form. There is no time limit to fill it in and it can be completed in multiple sessions
  • login in the application with username and password received by email. If you don’t receive the email, please double-check in your junk folder
  • complete  the sections sequentially. In case you have already been enrolled in a Bachelor degree program
  • select the Bachelor programs (in order of preference). Please check specific instructions and Call for Admissions for each area:
    • Engineering 
    • Design and Communication
    • Territorial, Urban, Environmental and Landscape Planning
    • Architecture
  • attach required documents
  • submit the application, clicking on SUBMIT button according to admission test calendar
  • follow next steps as described hereverify the language requirements you must fulfill at enrolment
  • pre-enrol at the Italian Embassies, ONLY if you are a Non-EU applicant living outside Italy

The Polytechnic University of Turin is officially accredited and/or recognized by the Ministero dell'Istruzione, dell'Università e della Ricerca, Italia (Ministry of Education, Universities and Research, Italy), Politecnico di Torino (POLITO) is a large coeducational higher education institution. Politecnico di Torino (POLITO) offers courses and programs leading to officially recognized higher education degrees such as bachelor degrees, master degrees, doctorate degrees in several areas of study.International applicants are eligible to apply for enrollment.

According to ARWU Ranking 2013, Politecnico Di Torino is 1st in Italy and 4th in Europe for Engineering.In 2018, According to QS World University Rankings among the engineering universities it was ranked 33rd in the world. In 2013 it was 68th on the same ranking[6] and for electrical engineering the university was ranked 1st in Italy, 8th in Europe and 30th in the world. University's Innovative Enterprise and Business Incubator 'I3P' was ranked in 2014 as the 5th best in Europe and 15th overall in the world by UBI Index Politecnico Di Torino is the top national recipient of research funding from the Fondo di Finanziamento Ordinario. The Automotive Engineering program, conceived in collaboration with Fiat Group, has been consistently ranked among the top three in Europe for the past ten years

Accommodation in Turin

Politecnico di Torino has signed some agreements with housing companies to help international students in finding an accommodation. In the framework of the above-mentioned agreements, exchange students can benefit from a priority booking on the accommodation offered by the housing companies. 
The other students, out of the exchange programs, can consult the offers in the housing companies website. Students of Politecnico can also books a place in single or twin room at Borsellino residence (one of the EDISU residences).

Canteens for students 

EDISU Piemonte ( Ente per il Diritto allo Studio Universitario) runs several canteens where you can have a meal in a friendly atmosphere near the place where your courses are held. EDISU offers a wide range of highly nutritious meals based on the Mediterranean diet, which is considered to be the healthiest in the world and is therefore the most imitated.

Students associations

The Politecnico di Torino hosts many international students associations. Associations are created to unite a group of people coming from the same country to share experiences, create connections and give support to both students already at the Politecnico and prospective students. Furthermore, students in the association become ambassadors for their country’s culture and traditions and can help in spreading these values to reach all the Politecnico students


In order to facilitate the access to university books and other educational work, EDISU Piemonte runs two libraries. All students enrolled in the Universities of Piedmont can gain admission to this service by taking along an enrolment certificate for the current academic year. 

Leisure & Entertainment

Leisure, theatre, concerts are offered at special "student prices" by the Politecnico di Torino. For any information you can visit Polincontri ( Associazione per la cultura, lo sport, il tempo libero) is an association whose offices are located on the 3 rd floor in the main corridor from Corso Einaudi (the Polincontri Box is next to Bar Katia).

Medical Service

In Politecnico - Main Campus (Corso Duca degli Abruzzi) there is a Medical Service ( Infermeria) for first aid, not just for ordinary medical treatments.

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