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  • Местные: $ 325
  • Иностранцы: $ 2.3тыс.
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  • Английский
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  • 2 лет


    The program is focused on quantum science and technology. Modern quantum technologies including quantum computing and quantum communications require deep understanding of quantum mechanics and underlying mathematics, especially in the fields of optics and light-matter interaction.
    During their study students acquire deep knowledge in quantum mechanics and quantum optics, as well as tremendously enhance their mathematical training in the areas of computational mathematics and 3D-modeling. The program is also research-focused which gives students a wider scope and future employment possibilities.

    2 semesters GRIAT students study in KAI, the third semester they study in a German partner university Technische Universität Kaiserslautern, the fourth semester students go back to Russia or may stay in Germany to finish writing their MSc thesis.

    Main Subjects

    • Quantum mechanics
    • Quantum optics
    • Optical quantum communications
    • Integral optics
    • Quantum information technology
    • Quantum electronics
    • Quantum field theory
    • Mathematical methods of numerical simulations
    • Methods of information processing in photonics
    • Fiber optics

    Требования программы

    • Previous Education: Bachelor of Science in Physics or related field
    • Average BSc Mark - 4.0
    • Deep knowledge in statistical physics and quantum mechanics (special paragraph at the questionnaire that let us know which topics/themes of statistical physics and quantum mechanics the students have studied


    GRIAT students can benefit from grants to study and train abroad. They can apply for a number of scholarships offered by the government of Tatarstan Republic, GRIAT industry partners and the European commission program for education and training. These scholarships mostly cover travel, stay, costs and medical insurance of GRIAT students during their academic semester at a German partner-university.

    Recently, all of GRIAT students have used an opportunity to study abroad thanks to different international grants and programs:

    • Algarysh grant provided by the Government of the Republic of Tatarstan;
    • European international exchange program Erasmus+;
    • SIEMENS scholarship;
    • Russian educational grant program;
    • Scholarship provided by the President of Tatarstan.
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