Университет University of Oulu Scholarship Scheme
Уровень: Магистратура
Нужны тесты: IELTS, TOEFL
Размер стипендии: Только обучение
Максимальное покрытие: 26000  EUR
Дедлайн: 23.01.2024
Максимальная длительность: 24  месяцев

The University of Oulu International Master’s Scholarship Scheme (IM Scholarship) provides scholarships to academically talented international students studying for a Master’s degree in the University of Oulu two-year International Master’s programmes. The scholarships will be granted in the form of a tuition fee waiver. The tuition fee waiver awarded covers either 85% or 100 % of the full tuition fee depending on the programme. Applicants can apply for the tuition scholarship as part of the admissions process. University of Oulu IM Scholarships do not cover living costs.

University of Oulu offers international master’s scholarships in two different categories:

  • 85% Tuition Fee Scholarship for Oulu Business School Programmes
    • covers 85% of the tuition fee in a 2-year Master’s Programme in Oulu Business School International Master’s Programmes
    • is granted for students who are liable to pay tuition fees and who are admitted in one of the following Oulu Business School International Master’s Programmes:
      • Economics
      • Finance
      • Financial and Management Accounting
      • International Business Management
      • Marketing
  • 100% Tuition Fee Scholarship
    • covers 100% of the tuition fee in a 2-year Master’s Programme in all international master’s programmes except Oulu Business School international master’s programmes
    • is granted for students who are liable to pay tuition fees and who are admitted in a 2-year international master’s programme

In order to retain the scholarship in the following year of study, a student must have completed 55 ECTS by the end of the previous academic year.  If a student does not achieve this requirement during the first year of studies, they will be liable to pay the full international tuition fee for the second year if they wish to complete their Master’s degree programme. An exception to this rule can be made if a student has been granted approved leave from studies (e.g. due to serious illness).

  • Applied Sciences & Professions
  • Business
  • Economics
  • Environmental Sciences
  • Humanities
  • Law
  • Life Sciences, Medicine & Health
  • Management
  • Natural Sciences
  • Social Sciences

The scholarships will be granted in the form of a tuition fee waiver covering 50%, 75%  or 100% of the full tuition fee.

General Academic Requirements

A successful applicant has obtained their first academic degree, normally a Bachelor’s degree or equivalent, from an institution of higher education. As a rule, the Bachelor’s degree is the lower academic degree. This degree should be equivalent of at least three years of full-time studies (180 ECTS). 

All applicants are required to prove a high level of proficiency in English language. All programmes ask the applicant to submit documented evidence of their level of English. 

580 (with a minimum of 4.5 in the Test of Written English, TWE). Original test score report from the testing organization

92 (with a minimum of 20 in Writing section). Original test score report from the testing organization

6.5 (with a minimum of 5.5 per each section)
Academic Module only! Original test score report from the testing organisation OR copy of the test score report

Pearson Test of English, PTE 
62 (with a minimum of 52 in Writing section)
PTE Academic only! Online language test results from the testing organization

Pass level A, B or C. Copy of the Cambridge ESOL's Certificate of Proficiency in English (CPE)

Pass level A, B or C

It should be noted that most unsuccessful applicants in recent years failed to prove their level of English sufficiently.

Applicants are asked to submit documentation on their academic excellence, for example in the form of academic recommendation letters. Also other documents relating to the field of study are required. Please visit the website Application Documents for the detailed list of required enclosures for application. Also note that all documents are listed as obligatory for application and no exceptions are made in requirements.

The application will be processed in the Selection Committee only if:

  1. The applicant submits an application in the requested manner
  2. The applicant submits the application documents in the requested manner
  3. The applicant’s previous education gives eligibility for a Master’s studies
  4. The applicant’s language proficiency satisfies the language requirements.