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Максимальное покрытие: 37440  EUR
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Established 100 years ago, Åbo Akademi University operates currently in Turku and Vaasa. Our leading principles include diversity, openness, courage, sustainability and participation. In our capacity as the only Swedish-speaking university in Finland, we offer a wide range of educational options. We also conduct research in many fields, and our special focus areas are minority research, drug development and diagnostics, molecular process and material technology, and the sea.

During the course of our first century, we have grown into an internationally acknowledged research university with a unique role as the bridge between the university communities in Finland and the other Nordic countries.

To provide you an opportunity study at the university, AAU established the scholarship programme.

  • Applied Sciences & Professions
  • Art
  • Business
  • Economics
  • Engineering & Technology
  • Environmental Sciences
  • Humanities
  • Law
  • Life Sciences, Medicine & Health
  • Management
  • Natural Sciences
  • Social Sciences

Максимальное покрытие: 37440  EUR


There are three scholarship categories:

  1. Full Scholarship, covering the tuition fee and includes a annual scholarship to cover the student’s living expenses (6 720 €), awarded for 2 years (second year conditional)
  2. Tuition Fee Scholarship, covering 100 % of the tuition fee, awarded for 2 years (second year conditional)
  3. Tuition Fee Scholarship, covering 50 % of the tuition fee, awarded for 2 years (second year conditional)

The Åbo Akademi University’s study programmes will be profiled as being the best way to achieve a good position in working life. This is accomplished through our undergraduate bachelor programmes in Swedish, which equip students with broad and flexible compentencies, our wide range of language Åbo Akademi University’s profile An essential aspect of Åbo Akademi University’s strategy for 2015–2020 is the profiling of the activities. Profiling means that we pursue to differentiate more clearly from other universities and to highlight those areas that are distinct to or particularly prominent in ÅAU.

Freedom of research, free access to information, as well as internal and external openness are fundamental values for Åbo Akademi University. In terms of research and education, we pursue and value dialogue and co-operation with organisations and stakeholders outside of ÅAU. Within our own organisation, we place a great value on open and honest communication that encourages dialogue between different groups and units.

The decision to grant a scholarship is based on

  • the academic performance of the student in his/her previous studies,
  • how well the applicant meets the programme requirements
  • the answers the applicants have given in the application form

When applying to Åbo Akademi University, applicants can indicate on the application form their wish to apply for a scholarship. In the application form the applicants are asked to answer a set of questions related to motivation and future goals. The answers to the questions will be assessed by the scholarship committee who makes the decision on granting the scholarships. In the assessment the following is evaluated: communicative skills, academic goals and general interest in the field.

The decision on the granted scholarship is given to the applicants together with the admission letter. In order to accept the scholarship the applicant must have accepted the study entitlement offered (binding acceptance).

Scholarships for the second year of study

The scholarships are awarded for two years. However, the second year is conditional depending on the progress of the studies. In order to qualify for the scholarship in the second year, a scholarship holder must earn at least 55 credits during the first academic year (the progress of the studies is checked in the end of May).

In addition to the scholarships listed above there will also be a chance to apply for a scholarship for the second year. This opportunity is open for all those students who have paid their fees during the first year or who have received a tuition fee scholarship covering 50% of the tuition fee in the first year. The requirement to receive this scholarship is excellent study records (GPA over 4), 55 earned credits during the first academic year and a good motivation to continue the studies.